‘Haunter’ Review

“I thought I told you to mind your own business.  You are a Busy Betty.  And I don’t like Busy Betties.” –The Pale Man There’s a memorable scene in the first ‘Matrix’ film where Morpheus gives Neo the choice of taking the blue pill, which would mean that he could return to his everyday “life” […]

‘Haunter’ Trailer

I don’t see how I missed this one.  The last film Vincenzo Natali released was “Splice,” which was executive produced by Guillermo Del Toro.  It’s a fascinating film, even though you could see that the director didn’t quite make the point that he was working at. His film before Splice was “Cypher,” and while it’s […]

‘Pontypool’ Is Streaming On Netflix!

The first video is for Kate Bush’s “Experiment IV.”  The high-concept song revolves around the idea of a military experiment that creates a sound that–literally–possesses the power to kill. As an aside, the video has a scene that appears to be a homage to the scene from “Raiders Of The Lost Ark,” when the ark […]