REview: Come To Daddy (2019) | Stephen McHattie’s Back!

All I need to say about Ant Timpson’s Come To Daddy is that it co-stars the brilliant Stephen McHattie, Hollywood’s go-to actor when you want a vaguely sinister older white person in your movie.

With a face like a worn leather saddle and a voice like rusty hinges, he has to rank among the best character actors working today and he’s not nearly in the movie long enough because Come To Daddy is more the story of Norval Greenwood (Elijah Wood), who’s the victim in this story despite wearing a haircut that makes him resemble a member of the Hitler Youth.

What I discuss in my video is that the movie subverts expectations, but in a way that doesn’t quite work as anticipated because it – at least a third of it – is really interesting, till the director decides to challenge expectations in a way to changes the movie from what it appears to be to something else entirely.

And it’s interesting, though I was actually enjoying the movie it appeared to be, as opposed to what ended up being.

Though that’s not to say that it’s a bad movie, though as I said, it sets up one thing, and gives you another.

That doesn’t make it bad, though it does make it a bit disappointing.

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