My Two Cents | Why Star Trek Fans Hate Alex Kurtzman

I’ve never been a Star Trek fan, not really. Sure, I grew up watching Star Trek but that was more due to the fact that there was nothing else available.

It’s the same reason I watched Lost In Space. I didn’t love it, particularly the later episodes, which were often silly, but it was also scifi, which meant space ships and aliens, so I was essentially a captive audience.

I was more a fan of British scifi television, particularly the work of Gerry Anderson (UFO, Space: 1999 and Doppelgänger – also known as Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun) though part of me has always envied the passion of Star Trek fans.

You guys hold Star Trek sacred in ways Thunderbirds fans can barely imagine so when I saw the fan outrage directed at Alex Kurtzman for Star Trek: Discovery, never mind the movies he worked on, I was a bit awestruck.

Sure, some of that support is canted toward the lunatic fringe, but it’s not less remarkable because of it’s idiosyncrasies.

And speaking of Discovery…it’s not bad – it’s also not Star Trek – but it isn’t terrible, either.

Though Alex Kurtzman? Yeah, he’s pretty terrible.

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