Thunderbirds Are Go! Goes Practical (Sort Of)

Gerry Anderson as a producer has always fascinated me.  Despite being behind some of the most innovative puppet (Supermarionation)-based television series, he was never entirely satisfied with working with them, and always wanted to work with flesh and blood actors. That being said, he first time that he did so, in UFO, Journey To The Far Side […]

‘Thunderbirds’ Strike Again

There’s a new Thunderbirds series coming from ITV, which is a good thing.  The not-so-good-news is that the Anderson estate has nothing to do with it (if Jamie Anderson has a connection, he’s not telling), though perhaps that’s counterbalanced by Jonathan Frakes also having nothing to do with it, considering the mess that he made of […]

‘Zeroids vs. Cubes’ Coming Soon!

There is no doubt that Gerry Anderson, the creator of iconic series like The Thunderbirds, Terrahawks, UFO, Space: 1999 and Space Precinct, is a creative genius. That being said, I don’t think that he ever really grasped the potential of the Internet, as a creative avenue to enhance his existing series, or introduce new ideas, […]

Practically Speaking

If you’re a big fan of movies, particularly horror and sci-fi, you’ve probably taken a position on whether or not movies should use CGI (computer-generated imagery) or practical effects (which include prosthetics, animatronics, models and miniatures). Personally, I am a HUGE fans of practical effects.  That being said, I understand that there are things that you […]

ITV Reboots Anderson’s “Thunderbirds”

When Gerry Anderson died last September,  I not only was saddened, but felt somehow betrayed.  I am not arrogant to believe that his health is any of my business, but knowing would have clarified for me why it is that he left the Pinewood Studios lot, and the selling of the memorabilia that he had accrued […]

‘UFO’: The Movie

In upcoming movie news, a feature film version of Gerry Anderson’s 1970’s series, UFO, is coming to theaters in 2013.  Directed by Matthew Gratzner, I hope that it stays as faithful as possible to the original series (though hopefully avoids some of the eccentricities of the series–unless they can be explained logically–like when female Shado […]