Trailer Into Reaction – Star Trek: Picard (2019) | Teaser Trailer

Star Trek is a mess.

There, I’ve said it.

It’s a Gordian knot of tangled timelines–Is it Prime? Is it Kelvin? Do you care any longer?–managed by people who apparently care more about monetizing it than actually building a living, viable world within its boundaries.

I lean more into Gerry Anderson than Gene Roddenberry (I would likely be as irked as many Star Trek fans appear to be–if all the YouTube videos about Star Trek: Discovery raping their childhoods are any indicator) so Space: 1999 and UFO were my jam!

Though at that point of my life I didn’t discriminate, so hungry for science fiction content was I, so I got into Star Trek as well.

Oddly enough, I initially glommed on to the Fred Freiburger episodes, which were less science fiction than out and out fantasy.

The production values weren’t as great as the Anderson series’ but it had charms all it’s own.

If only the filmmakers had an iota of the faith I had at the time.

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