ITV Reboots Anderson’s “Thunderbirds”

When Gerry Anderson died last September,  I not only was saddened, but felt somehow betrayed.  I am not arrogant to believe that his health is any of my business, but knowing would have clarified for me why it is that he left the Pinewood Studios lot, and the selling of the memorabilia that he had accrued over the years.

I assumed that it was just because he was no longer as productive as he once was, which, in a roundabout way, was true.

Though the truth was deeper, sadder, than I would have guessed.

The last thing that I was aware he was working on was “Eternity,” with Steve Begg, who also worked with him on “Space Precinct.”  Begg, like other special effects people who have cut their teeth on Gerry Anderson productions, eventually went on to bigger things, such as the effects work on “Skyfall,” among others.

Productions like “UFO,” “Space: 1999” and other Anderson productions were recognized for their state of the art special effects, iconic music, and accessibility by people of all ages.

Would “Eternity” have continued the trend?  No one knows.

This leads me to the reboot of Anderson’s “Thunderbirds?”  I am glad that his brilliance is being acknowledged, though his originals will be tough acts to follow.

And while I am glad to hear that anything in Anderson extensive catalogue is being redone, I am not sure how feel because I am worried that they’re not going to be reverential enough toward the material, which is the irony because if it becomes too precious, there’ll be little chance that it breaks any new ground.
It’s a balancing act, though I hope that it does Gerry Anderson’s legacy proud.

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