Strange Coincidences # 1: Pick Of Destiny

Russell Davies created Queer As Folk (starring Aidan Gillan, Craig Kelly and a very young Charlie Hunnam) that ran from 1999-2000. Later, in 2005 he was an executive producer/writer on Doctor Who. Interestingly, if watch the first episode of the original Queer As Folk, there’s a scene where Vince Tyler (Craig Kelly) is watching Doctor […]

‘Thunderbirds’ Strike Again

There’s a new Thunderbirds series coming from ITV, which is a good thing.  The not-so-good-news is that the Anderson estate has nothing to do with it (if Jamie Anderson has a connection, he’s not telling), though perhaps that’s counterbalanced by Jonathan Frakes also having nothing to do with it, considering the mess that he made of […]

ITV Reboots Anderson’s “Thunderbirds”

When Gerry Anderson died last September,  I not only was saddened, but felt somehow betrayed.  I am not arrogant to believe that his health is any of my business, but knowing would have clarified for me why it is that he left the Pinewood Studios lot, and the selling of the memorabilia that he had accrued […]