Marvel’s Inhumans is Officially Dead

img_0340-2Anson Mount is joining Star Trek: Discovery in Season two, so it’s safe to assume that Inhumans is kaput (though as far as I am aware there’s been no announcement from either ABC or Marvel Television).

Though to be fair that’s hardly a mystery.  The ratings-challeged series has been plagued with problems since it’s inception   Originally part of Marvel Studios’ Phase Three plans, it was abandoned when studio president Kevin Feige got out from under the thumb of Ike Perlmutter (head of Marvel  Entertainment, who’s apparently a bit…odd).

The series first premiered as an Imax movie, but never lived up to it’s potential.

Is it any coincidence that they are being killed off in the comics as well?

Discovery to Axanar

We’ve Got This Covered recently featured a video offering a little–very little, if truth be told–look at the latest entry in the Star Trek Saga, Star Trek: Discovery.

And while my first question is why isn’t Manny Coto involved?  Star Trek: Enterprise was at its best when he came on board perhaps that’s not the most relevant query.

That would be to ask why does Paramount Pictures have its phasers set on ‘Kill’ for anyone that tries to play in the Star Trek sandbox?

Though that’s not quite fair because CBS and Paramount (the current right holders of the Star Trek name and associated intellectual property (a thorny phrase, legally-speaking and otherwise) have supposedly been very tolerant of fan-produced series in the past.







That is, till Axanar.  And speaking of Alec Peters’ Kickstarter-financed fan film, they lost their legal challenge to CBS and Paramount when the judge that oversaw the case ruled that it wasn’t an example of fair use.

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