My Two Cents | Why Star Trek Fans Hate Alex Kurtzman

I’ve never been a Star Trek fan, not really. Sure, I grew up watching Star Trek but that was more due to the fact that there was nothing else available. It’s the same reason I watched Lost In Space. I didn’t love it, particularly the later episodes, which were often silly, but it was also […]

Marvel’s Inhumans is Officially Dead

Anson Mount is joining Star Trek: Discovery in Season two, so it’s safe to assume that Inhumans is kaput (though as far as I am aware there’s been no announcement from either ABC or Marvel Television). Though to be fair that’s hardly a mystery.  The ratings-challeged series has been plagued with problems since it’s inception […]

Discovery to Axanar

We’ve Got This Covered recently featured a video offering a little–very little, if truth be told–look at the latest entry in the Star Trek Saga, Star Trek: Discovery. And while my first question is why isn’t Manny Coto involved?  Star Trek: Enterprise was at its best when he came on board perhaps that’s not the […]