REview – Star Trek: Discovery (2017) | Season One

Ignore all the hatred you’ve heard about Star Trek: Discovery (currently airing in the United States on CBS All Access, internationally on Netflix) because IT IS AWESOME.

That being said, that “awesome” should be taken with more than a few caveats, the biggest being that if you’re a worshipper at the Church of Roddenberry, you’re GOING TO HATE Star Trek: Discovery.

I kid you not, expect for a more iconic elements (the design of the Federation spacecraft, certain iconic names, etc) this is not Star Trek.

In fact, if you get rid of literally every reference to Star Trek in the first season you’d likely not notice the absence.

And I’m not one of those people who’re so enamored of Trek that it approaches worship, so I actually enjoyed most of the–mainly–mindless spectacle of Star Trek: Discovery.

And speaking of spectacle, it’s gorgeous to look at.

It likely took gobs of money to produce, and it’s all on screen. From production design to FX, this series looks INCREDIBLE.

So I had a really good time though as I’ve already said, if you take Star Trek very, very seriously YOU WILL NOT because–and never mind the “Kelvin” and “Prime” timeline nonsense–it doesn’t particularly care about Star Trek.

Which is a little weird for a series for a series that has ‘Star Trek’ actually in the title.

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