REview: Nightflyers (2018) | Season One

The first–and only–season of Nightflyers appeared Netflix earlier this month and it’s pretty entertaining (though by no means as good as it should/could have been) though it was not where the story of the Nightflyer began.

It began life as a short story by George R. R. Martin (A Game of Thrones, Fevre Dream, Wild Cards) and was first made into a not-too-good movie in 1987.

It was revisited in 2018 with a series from Syfy/Netflix, which was canclelled after it’s first and only season on Syfy.

And that’s a pity because it’s a gorgeous series with great production design, exemplary acting and a great opening theme by Will Bates.

And as I mention in my video, you can’t necessarily tell if what you see on screen is what the makers intended because you can tell certain storylines had to be cut short or abandoned all together because there was no time to complete them.

Which means that what you end up with does not make much in the way of sense and will also be not as satisfying a watch as a series that had more time to tell it’s story.

As a result Nightflyers is well worth seeing, despite it being, ultimately, disappointing.

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