REview: Love, Death + Robots, Vol. 2 (2021) | Sometimes (Like In This Instance) Less is More

I really enjoyed the first volume of Netflix’s Love, Death + Robots, though that’s not to say that there weren’t problems. The biggest being that it consisted of 18(!) episodes, which inevitably means that you’re going to get a few clunkers like When the Yoghurt Took Over and Alternate Histories. Some were okay: The Witness […]

Review – Love, Death + Robots | Episode 10 : Shape-Shifters

What a disappointing episode. The worse thing is not that the story is relatively simple–as I said with The Dump, there’s nothing wrong with a simple story as long as it’s well-told–it’s that the story demanded a more nuanced way of moving forward. Shape-Shifters revolves around the American military in some Middle Eastern country, fighting […]