Review – Love, Death + Robots | Episode 10 : Shape-Shifters

What a disappointing episode.

The worse thing is not that the story is relatively simple–as I said with The Dump, there’s nothing wrong with a simple story as long as it’s well-told–it’s that the story demanded a more nuanced way of moving forward.

Shape-Shifters revolves around the American military in some Middle Eastern country, fighting a conflict. Two members of the military are werewolves–Yes, I said werewolves–who are used as trackers because of their enhanced senses.

Werewolves not only exist, but they’re openly serving in the military!? This could have been a fascinating allegory for homosexual soldiers, or women, or even people of Middle Eastern ancestry serving in a military where they’re fighting the same people they’re (supposedly) there to defend.

Instead, it’s literally about exactly what you see, and not a thing more.

As I said, disappointing.

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