REview: Vivarium (2019) | Weirdness For Weirdness’s Sake

I think I must be growing up because you’d think Vivarium would be a movie I’d take to like a duck to water. And initially I did, till I noticed something: the weirdness seemed to serve no point. In my review I mention both The Prisoner (1967) and The Signal (2014), two series that did […]

REview: Underwater (2020) | An Alien Clone This Is Not

If you’ve seen monster movies like Underwater you probably noticed that they’re not exactly known for their complexity. And that’s fine–not every movie needs complexity–though it’s also nice to see filmmakers try to do something atypical with the concept every once in awhile. Which leads me to Willian Eubank’s Underwater, which on the face of […]

Underwater (2019) | Official Trailer

Underwater looks awfully like Deep Star Six and Leviathan in terms of subject matter. If you’re a fan of underwater horror–and who isn’t–then it’s probably going to be a good time. (unlike the two aforementioned movies, which worked only intermittently). There’s one thing that makes me optimistic. Namely Underwater is directed by William Eubank, who […]