REview: Underwater (2020) | An Alien Clone This Is Not

If you’ve seen monster movies like Underwater you probably noticed that they’re not exactly known for their complexity.

And that’s fine–not every movie needs complexity–though it’s also nice to see filmmakers try to do something atypical with the concept every once in awhile.

Which leads me to Willian Eubank’s Underwater, which on the face of it not only doesn’t seem particularly novel, but reminiscent of Ridley Scott’s Alien.

And if you judged it based on it’s advertising campaign you might assume the same thing. Though if you look underneath (pardon the pun) you’ll likely notice that it’s deeper, richer and more open to interpretation than most examples of the genre.

It’s a particularly smart movie, disguised as a simpler one–though if you’ve seen The Signal (2014) you’re likely aware of Eubank’s tendency to take what you’re familiar with, and tweak it in really interesting ways.

And Underwater does it in spades.

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