Bumblebee – Teaser Trailer

Screenshot 2018-06-05 10.44.44Before I begin, I have not been a fan of the Transformers franchise since the first one.

Once you get over they’re robots changing into cars, trucks and fighter craft there just isn’t that much there.

Which would be bad enough if the movies weren’t–to varying degrees–chock full of cynicism, contempt for the viewer, sexism and oddly enough, racism.

That being said, I have no idea how Bumblebee will perform–though it’s worth keeping in mind that the Transformers movies have been on a downward slide since Age of Extinction (which is a pretty remarkable when you think about it because most of prior films are bad, though that badness also varied  from film to film)–though the teaser has more heart than the last four movies combined.

And it’s important that that tone carry though most of the movie because if Bumblebee needs anything it’s to differentiate itself from what came prior.

And besides, Paramount really, REALLY needs a hit.


‘The Equalizer’ Trailer

This movie is going to be huge.  With The Transformers: Age Of Extinction and Guardians Of The Galaxy coming, The Equalizer probably isn’t on too many people’s radar, though it should be.

It’s based upon the 1985 CBS television series that starred the late Edward Woodward.  He played a private detective, and former intelligence agent, that specialized in cases defending people that had no other options, often against criminals that managed to evade the law.

In this current version Denzel Washington plays a former black-ops commando who wants out of that life, but finds himself picking up his guns (or a sledgehammer) to defend a young girl against Russian gangsters.

Despite a plot that sounds somewhat similar to 2004’s Man On Fire (or perhaps 2004’s Deathwish, hopefully minus all the rape). I expect this movie to reflect the action sensibilities of its director, Antoine Fuqua, who also directed Washington in the 2001’s Training Day, which earned Washington the Academy Award for Best Actor.