‘Fetching Cody’ Review

“Fetching Cody Is An Unconventional Story About How Far One Man Is Willing To Go For Love.” I tend to enjoy movies about time travel, which I have to admit that I like because I find it interesting the way filmmakers often try to fudge the (theoretical) science.  I have also come to notice that there are […]

‘Looper’ Trailer

Rian Johnson‘s followup to”The Brothers Bloom” has arrived, and it appears–for a movie that revolves around time travel–to be surprisingly light on special effects. Time travel movies, those that attempt to be faithful to the possibility, are oftentimes too mired in the science to be very entertaining. A fate suffered by 2004’s Primer; though when […]

‘Terra Nova’ Coming To Netflix?

According to Deadline, Netflix is considering bringing back “Terra Nova,” the time travel series recently cancelled by Fox.  My problem with this idea is that “Terra Nova” wasn’t that entertaining to begin with, and extremely expensive to produce, so I am a bit dubious about this one. Besides, any television series that can have time […]