Benedict Cumberbatch Is Doctor Strange!

By the way, is Benedict Cumberbatch’s last name pronounced ‘Cum-ber-batch’ or ‘Cum-ber-boch?’  I have been leery of such things every since what I like to call the “Bruce Cockburn Incident,” which by the way, isn’t pronounced at all how it’s spelled. Kind of like ‘St. John,’ which if James Bond movies have taught me anything, is in […]

‘Thor: The Dark World’ Review

Before seeing Alan Taylor’s follow-up to “Thor,” “Thor: The Dark World,” I happened to read a few reviews.  Some were particularly insulting and mean-spirited, while others seemed not to have seen the first film, which is OK; but don’t complain about understanding the origin of Thor and the rest of the Asgardians when you can’t motivate […]

Brian’s ‘Thor’ Review

(Minimal spoilers because I hate reviews that tell you exactly what happens in a film.  If I wanted to know that I would, I don’t know, go see it myself.  I read reviews for an opinion, a perspective, not a blow-by-blow, scene-by-scene examination)  I went to see “Thor” at the Loews Uptown today, a theater that–if not […]