Brian’s ‘Thor’ Review

(Minimal spoilers because I hate reviews that tell you exactly what happens in a film.  If I wanted to know that I would, I don’t know, go see it myself.  I read reviews for an opinion, a perspective, not a blow-by-blow, scene-by-scene examination) 

I went to see “Thor” at the Loews Uptown today, a theater that–if not world-famous–deserves to be.  It premiered yesterday, so today I caught the 1630 showing.  There was a line outside the theater; long but not intimidatingly so.

There was a group of young people ahead of me talking about the film, and the upcoming Avengers movie, with two older gentlemen.

In fact, speaking of ‘older people’ there were others, as well as women and children.  A relatively small sample, but a good sign in that audience for “Thor” appears somewhat diverse.

Though, I must admit that I was a little worried about this movie because, while I am aware of the Marvel Comics’ character, I was never particularly a fan.  There was something about a guy flying around with a hammer that never worked for me, generally speaking (don’t really know why, since that’s hardly the most outlandish idea in comics).

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that “Thor” is a remarkable bit of entertainment.  Great special effects abound, but they don’t overwhelm the human story, which is essentially one of fathers and sons; and what those sons would do to please them.

Chris Hemsworth plays Thor, a headstrong youth who’s used to getting his way, and is perhaps somewhat indulged by his father, Odin; though the surprise of the film is Tom Hiddleston, who makes Loki less evil–which is not to say that he isn’t a bastard–than someone trying to find their way, and making more than a few mistakes along the way.

Also it’s interesting how genuinely funny the film is.  Most of these moments come about as Thor interacts with people on earth, or Midgard.  The movie is two hours long, yet moves briskly and perhaps has one of the most beautiful end-credit scenes in memory.

And whatever you do, don’t leave before the credits roll because there’s a surprise there that leads into “Captain America”.

4 thoughts on “Brian’s ‘Thor’ Review

  1. Part of what I wanted from the film was a guy in armor with a giant hammer smacking frost giants in the face…and so I got that. It was a good time at the theaters, and that’s all I asked for. Good review, check out mine when you can!

    1. There was lots of action, but the film was surprisingly funny as well as literate (not surprising coming from Kenneth Branagh, who has a lot of experience working with Shakespeare).

      And I’ll also check out your review later today.

    2. By the way, if you want to have an guest-post “exchange program”, let me know. It will be good to get different points of view on a particular film.

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