Sony’s Bug Problem

And while spiders are arachnids, not bugs, bear with me and all come clear. Spider-Man: Homecoming makes its North American debut today, and some pundits believe that it will ensnare an opening somewhere in the ballpark of $100 million.  If this bears out it would make the movie the fourth of 2017–joining Beauty and the Beast, Guardians […]

Sam Jackson: Here To Stay

The New York Times has a fascinating interview with Samuel Jackson, who plays Nick Fury in “The Avengers.”  If you’re unaware of why he’s known as one of the hardest working men in show business, this article should clear that up. The Times is behind a paywalll, though they do allow you to access ten […]

Brian’s ‘Thor’ Review

(Minimal spoilers because I hate reviews that tell you exactly what happens in a film.  If I wanted to know that I would, I don’t know, go see it myself.  I read reviews for an opinion, a perspective, not a blow-by-blow, scene-by-scene examination)  I went to see “Thor” at the Loews Uptown today, a theater that–if not […]