Remember When I Told You Not Leave During ‘Thor’ Credits?

The reason I titled this post ‘Remember When I Told You Not Leave During “Thor” Credits?’ is because I knew that there was an added scene that showed up only after they were done, though I had no idea that people that stayed would get an added bonus beyond the ‘hidden’ scene itself.

That’s that the scene was directed by Joss Whedon!

Who’s Joss Whedon, you might ask?  He created “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer” television series, as well as “Angel,” “Firefly,” “Dollhouse” and wrote screenplays for numerous films, such as “Toy Story,” “Alien: Resurrection” and “Serenity”, and will be directing Marvel’s upcoming “Avengers.”

So–if you stayed till after the credits–you not only got to see a cool intro to an artifact that plays a significant role in the upcoming “Captain America: The First Avenger,” but–unbeknownst to us all–witnessed the directoral chops of Mr. Whedon.

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