Trailer Into REaction: Candyman (2020) | Official Trailer

The trailer for Nia DaCosta’s reboot/remake/continuation of the Candyman Trilogy dropped earlier today, and it’s pretty good. Candyman was always an odd fit amongst horror movies in that it was more erudite than the genre tends to produce. And what I mention in my reaction video, namely that I’m not entirely sure what this movie […]

‘Wishmaster’ and ‘Wishmaster 2’

As I repeat often enough, remakes are evil (except when they’re not).  Recently I watched “Wishmaster” and “Wishmaster 2” on Netflix, and got to thinking… I decided to deal with both movies at the same time because, despite one being a sequel, they’re essentially the same film.  Sure, you have differences in casting and the […]

‘Final Destination’ Trailer

Edited 7/28 1110 1111 1534 “Final Destination 5,” the latest in the perhaps the most inaccurately named series of films ever, is being directed by Steve Quale, who’s worked with James Cameron on “Aliens of the Deep” and “Avatar.” Luckily, it appears there’s more Tony Todd than in prior episodes.  This is good because his […]