Trailer Into REaction: Candyman (2020) | Official Trailer

The trailer for Nia DaCosta’s reboot/remake/continuation of the Candyman Trilogy dropped earlier today, and it’s pretty good.

Candyman was always an odd fit amongst horror movies in that it was more erudite than the genre tends to produce.

And what I mention in my reaction video, namely that I’m not entirely sure what this movie is as compared to the others in the series, isn’t necessarily a bad thing in that at least there’s a chance that it’s going to continue the story, as opposed to remaking the original.

Which, frankly would just be the original story, while changing some of the people involved.

Though, what I also mention in my reaction, is that the trailer is missing the not-so-secret sauce, which is Tony Todd, who played the character in all three of the original movies.

His presence was such a defining one that I’m not entirely sure that I care as much about this movie without his contribution.

And that doesn’t mean that I won’t see this version, but I want more Todd.

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