‘Cars 2’ Trailer Out On Thursday

Apple.com’s trailer section is pushing another exclusive trailer.  This week’s feature is another trailer for Disney/Pixar’sCars 2“.  The website has amassed 23 clips, most of which feature 360˚ views of the various characters that will appear in the movie.  There’s also been one short clip released that features Finn McMissile (Michael Caine) fighting his way off of what appears to be an oil derrick.

Cars 2 trailer will appear in 2 days
Apple's latest HD exclusive trailer

I must say that I am dubious of how well the Cars sequel will work.  The original movie felt complete and there weren’t any appreciable loose ends to tie up.  That said, Pixar’s stated policy concerning sequels is to avoid producing them unless they feel a quality story exists.  Hopefully this is true of Cars 2 as their first sequel outside of the Toy Story series.  This new trailer may reveal more about the story and give us a better idea of how well it gels.  Keep your eyes peeled on Thursday!

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