‘X-Men: First Class’ clip released

Yahoo! Movies posted a short clip from the upcoming “X-Men: First Class.”  There have been a few teaser trailers for the upcoming prequel to the popular X-Men Trilogy released in the past, but this is our first real glimpse at how the movie will really feel.  The clip is only a minute long, but it […]

‘Cars 2’ Trailer Out On Thursday

Apple.com’s trailer section is pushing another exclusive trailer.  This week’s feature is another trailer for Disney/Pixar’s “Cars 2“.  The website has amassed 23 clips, most of which feature 360˚ views of the various characters that will appear in the movie.  There’s also been one short clip released that features Finn McMissile (Michael Caine) fighting his […]

Birdy the Mighty, Dude Looks Like a Lady

At first glance “Birdy the Mighty: Decode” seems like an average fan service anime complete with scantily clad female lead, but there’s a bit more to this story of an intergalactic police officer’s mission to Earth.  The trailer claims that the titular character is stranded on Earth until she repairs the damage she’s done to Tsutomu Senkawa’s life, […]

Editing Tips

Editing can be one of the most difficult tasks in shooting a film.  Sure, it’s a pain to get to a location, get your shots, get multiple takes of your shots and then get them home, but imagine choosing exactly the right take and then making sure that take works within the framework of all […]

Desert Punk: Life’s Tough, Get Punked

“Desert Punk” takes place in a dystopian post-apocalyptic future. Mankind destroyed the modern world in a cataclysm that turned Japan into the Great Kanto Desert. Life in the desert is rough and mercenaries roam wild, taking on and completing any job as long as it pays enough. The show focuses on the adventures of the Kanta […]

The Pitfalls of Motion Capture

Special effects have come a long way in the past 30 years.  They’ve evolved from practical elements rotoscoped together to digital effects that stitched together with the power of computer editing.  The increasing power and speed of computers means that computers are able to create complex worlds that take up terabytes of data like James Cameron’s “Avatar” […]

Behind-the-Scenes WETA Livestream

It seems that WETA featured a Livestream about “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” just before Apple’s exclusive trailer debuted on Thursday.  The livestream featured Joe Letterii, Senior Visual Effects Supervisor for WETA, Dan Lemmon, a Visual Effects Supervisor, and actor Andy Serkis, who will be playing Caesar, the ape that leads the rebellion […]