‘X-Men: First Class’ clip released

Yahoo! Movies posted a short clip from the upcoming “X-Men: First Class.”  There have been a few teaser trailers for the upcoming prequel to the popular X-Men Trilogy released in the past, but this is our first real glimpse at how the movie will really feel.  The clip is only a minute long, but it gives you a fair idea of how James McAvoy is approaching Charles Xavier, played by Patrick Stewart in the original trilogy.

Check it out

The scene feels like it’s in the 1960s between the haircuts, set design, and reactions of the characters.  That might even be J. Edgar Hoover sitting in the back corner at the end of the clip, but it’s not entirely clear since the scene takes place at CIA headquarters.  The tone overall seems serious and it works well with the angle that the early X-Men may have some impact during the Cuban missile crisis. Perhaps the scene will work to set up the top-secret programs that eventually lead to Wolverine and the Weapon X program.

McAvoy doesn’t really sound like Stewart, but since this is a mix of relaunch and prequel, fans should give him some leeway and see where he takes the role if the relaunch continues. It seems oddly short-sighted for Xavier to display his powers by stating top-secret knowledge to a group of spooks instead of some private information that’s not well-known like the names of children love interests, etc.  It will be interesting to see a younger Xavier that doesn’t have everything planned out in advance like the older Professor X seen in the original trilogy.

Unfortunately the scene reveals nothing about how the cast interacts overall.  It looks as though Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) is trusted enough to attend important meetings but has an impulsive streak.  The woman sitting on the side of the table is Moira MacTaggert (Rose Bryne) a love interest for Xavier in the comics and will apparently have the same role in the film.

“X-Men: First Class” comes out June 3 of this year.

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