Tea Leaves, Entrails and Frankenstein

I find Hollywood a fascinating place, though perhaps that’s because my view is a distant one. Never mind the scandals, or whom is sleeping with whom–though that’s interesting too, though only in a cursory manner.  What I find infinitely more fascinating is how is it that decisions are made. And while I doubt that it has […]

Victor Frankenstein – Trailer

I don’t know about this.  Notice the title.  It’s not “Frankenstein,” but “Victor Frankenstein,” the point being that they seem to be moving away somewhat from Frankenstein’s Monster, to the man that assembled Frankenstein’s Monster. That’s an important difference, and one I am not sure I like.  Then again, I’ve always been more of a werewolf/Wolfman sort […]

‘X-Men: First Class’ clip released

Yahoo! Movies posted a short clip from the upcoming “X-Men: First Class.”  There have been a few teaser trailers for the upcoming prequel to the popular X-Men Trilogy released in the past, but this is our first real glimpse at how the movie will really feel.  The clip is only a minute long, but it […]