Introducing The Trailer Park

Edited 7/27 928, 941

There’s something about a well-executed trailer.  Ideally, they’re like a starter before a rich meal (Or foreplay.  Either analogy works):  They whet the palate for the (hopefully) more substantial repast to come.

A good trailer teases–yet doesn’t withhold everything–which almost sank J.J. Abrams’ “Super 8”, till Paramount pulled out all the stops–and instead it gives you just enough to leave you wanting more.

Then there’s the cost of movie tickets, which seems to go up so fast, that a small family (for our purposes consisting of two adults and two children) can easily spend $52 to just to get into the theater, which doesn’t included popcorn, soda or candy, by the way.

That’s why I have added the ‘Trailer Park’ to screenphiles.  The intention is that it will be a central point for trailers of various sorts, so that if you want a trailer, you know where to look.

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