Weeds Renewed For Season Eight

Whenever I write, “I really like whatever, but…” you can be assured that I am going to dispense a little tough love.

This time is no different because I just learned that Jenji Kohan’s “Weeds,” the Showtime series about the Botwin family and their adventures, which generally revolve around either selling or consuming marihuana, has been renewed for another season.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I dig pot humor because it’s one of the only drugs that I am aware of that can be pretty amusing to watch people use (in real life or in movies).  I have seen films revolving around other drugs, like heroin in the case of Trainspotting, or those that deal with alcoholism in its various forms–though it seemed that just about everyone in Slap Shot, short of the Hanson brothers, were in their cups–but while those subjects may make an entertaining film, they don’t tend to be funny.

While the oftentimes inane exploits of Cheech & Chong are always good for a laugh.

In fact, I find that my enjoyment of a film increases almost exponentially when there are some good natured potheads (I am not sure there are any other type) somewhere about.

But eight seasons good?  Really? Season seven had some interesting beats, particularly Shane’s (Alexander Gould) emerging homicidal tendencies, but things were feeling a bit desperate.

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