Prometheus Teaser Poster

I haven’t been all that expectant for Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus,” but when I heard that H.R. Geiger was doing the production design, and that aliens were somehow going to be involved with the proceedings, I am coming around.

Then I saw this teaser poster, which I think is really cool in the way that it evokes greater mysteries.  That being said, I would have liked some small hints of Alien-ness.

Then there’s that I have heard that, while this film exists in the Alien universe, it’s not necessarily about them.

I have also heard that it’s a prequel of sorts, which is a surprise considering that the costumes pictured in the film look more advanced than those from all the Alien films.

One thought on “Prometheus Teaser Poster

  1. Looking forward to this movie with as much anticipation as with The Dark Knight Rises. I saw Aliens when I was still young enough to be really scared and older now, I still hope Ridley has the same fire and intensity with Prometheus as he did with the original. Thanks for the review and poster.

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