My Zombie Survival Scenario

As a fan of “The Walking Dead” and other things of a horrific nature (I am also fond of HP Lovecraft and his Cthulhu Mythos, though truth be told I prefer the writing of August Derleth, who unlike HP Lovecraft treated humans as if they were actually more than a food source) I sometimes wonder what I would do if there were a zombie infestation.

I was brought up on the George Romero, slow, shambling, zombies, not the nonsensical, sprinting variety of Zach Snyder‘s remake, which are (strangely enough) more athletic than the living people they happen to be chasing.

I understand that we’re talking about zombies–which depart the realm of logic by their very existence–but a sprinting zombie implies to me energy, and joints that remain pliable, which doesn’t quite make sense.  Slow zombies make a little more sense because shambling is all they can do to just keep moving.

The most terrible thing about zombies–other than they being dead, walking about and trying to eat you– is the fact that in movies there are so many of them that the odds aren’t great that you would survive for too long.

In my zombie survival scenario–Yes, I have a zombie survival scenario, though what you should be asking is why you don’t–I rally the people that live in my building, my moxie and bravery making me a natural leader.  Once we iron out our differences, we go from floor to floor, clearing out any undead that we happen to find.

Once my building is secure, from our building we move till others, till we reclaim our block, and so on.

An anti-zombie plague, if you will.

It appears that I am not the only one who sees how relatively easy it would be to beat zombies, which is why Cracked’s 7 Scientific Reasons A Zombie Outbreak Would Fail (Quickly) are particularly enlightening.

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