The ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Are Coming In 2014!

Marvel Studios has confirmed that one of their upcoming films will be “Guardians Of The Galaxy.” My question is: Why do they expect this film to succeed?  Rocket Raccoon?  Groot?  Bug (some may have heard of him from his stint with the Micronauts, but relatively few)?

And yeah, I have been wrong before. After all, “The Amazing Spider-Man” is raking in beaucoup bucks and has been much more successful that I would have guessed, considering that it has been rebooted so relatively soon.

That being said, the Guardians are an interesting bunch, and their comic is well-written and engaging, but compared to characters like Iron Man, Spider-Man, or even Ant-Man (who is also on Marvel’s upcoming slate) who’s ever heard of them?

And speaking of Marvel’s upcoming slate, has anyone noticed that “Dr. Strange” isn’t on it?

And this isn’t going to be a cheap movie.  There’s a walking tree (like in the Lords Of The Rings films but on a much smaller scale), and an anthropomorphized raccoon, which means that you have to invest the money to make them both not look stupid and video gamey.

Did I mention that this is a space film?  So, you also talking about a film with a massive scale, perhaps on a par with “The Avengers” in terms of budget.

Which means, as I said, money.  I am not sure how they’re going to bring this one in for under $200 million.

So how do you justify such an expensive film?

Perhaps by introducing some of the characters in other Marvel films, a strategy that worked remarkably well with “The Avengers.”

So, where do you start?  You have “Thor: The Dark Worlds” coming, which could serve to introduce some of the characters.  “Ant-Man?”  Maybe, though I doubt it.  “Captain America: Winter Soldier?”  Not quite seeing it.

There may be something in Iron Man 3, though I have difficulty imaging how they will fit it into that film and have it make sense.

6 thoughts on “The ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Are Coming In 2014!

  1. I like you cynicism. This movie could be great, honestly…if they do it as a Pixar animated film. If they really go to the live action arena, it’s going to be somewhere between “Howard the Duck” and “Green Lantern”.

    “Green Lantern” sucked!

    1. As far as comics go, I actually like the Guardians. I have five or six issues on my iPad, and really like them. My problem comes when you’re talking about a big-budget film based upon characters that virtually no one has ever heard of.

      I don’t know what sort of strategy Kevin Feghe has, though I should be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt considering how well his Avengers plan worked, but on the face of it it seems like an odd move.

      1. I am a big fan of the Spectre and the Phantom Stranger, which means that I have to wait till the frak them up, like they did with Hellblazer (if you’ve read the articles I have written, I am still bitter about Keanu Reeves being cast as John Constantine).

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