New ‘Skyfall’ International Trailer

This was shown during the Olympics, and–if the trailer is any indicator–seems a bit more kinetic than the other Daniel Craig Bond films (Stuff blows up good! Real good!).

A plus for me is that there appears to be a black Bond girl.  Other than Halle Berry I recall two others:  Thumper (Trina Parks, while not exactly a Bond girl, was black) from “Diamonds Are Forever” (which was the first, and only, Bond film that I am aware of that had homosexual characters in supporting roles;  Charles Gray doesn’t count because he’s just being British), Rosie (Gloria Hendry) from “Live And Let Die,” and Halle Berry, in “Die Another Day,” quite possibly the worst James Bond film ever, with honors split between an awful theme song by Madonna and a story that was way too sci-fi for a Bond adventure.

To make matters worse, it was directed by Lee Tamahori, who has shown that he’s capable of much, much better (“Once Were Warriors,” and more recently “The Devil’s Double”).


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