REview: Spectre (2015)

I enjoy James Bond movies, though I wouldn’t call myself a ‘superfan’ by any stretch of the imagination–which you could probably tell from me getting around to seeing Spectre only four years after it’s initial release. And I think I dodged a bullet because while it’s not a terrible movie, it is a bloated one […]

Spectre – Final Trailer

I like this trailer a lot.  What I like about the Roger Moore Bond movies was their sense of scale.  Sure, many of them are sort of silly, but the villains tended to be larger-than-life, as were their schemes. Specter seems to harken back to those movies (or the trailer does, at any rate). The Timothy […]

Iron Man vs. Ultron

“I’m glad you asked that because I wanted to take this time to explain my evil plan.” Brilliant writing.  It plays on the cliche of movie villains always monologuing, when they should be instead either killing/kicking the ass of whomever they happen to be fighting. James Bond villains are notorious for this (particularly pre-Daniel Craig). […]

New ‘Skyfall’ International Trailer

This was shown during the Olympics, and–if the trailer is any indicator–seems a bit more kinetic than the other Daniel Craig Bond films (Stuff blows up good! Real good!). A plus for me is that there appears to be a black Bond girl.  Other than Halle Berry I recall two others:  Thumper (Trina Parks, while […]

Bond 23 = Skyfall?

For awhile the rumor mill said that the title of the upcoming James Bond film would be called Carte Blanche, which I still think is a bit staid and a lot hoity toity, especially for the Daniel Craig incarnation of James Bond. It appears that perhaps someone else had the same thoughts, because the now […]

The ‘Batman Rises’ Trailer Takes Flight

The “Batman Rises” trailer is online, though if you glance though the articles that I have written, you’ll notice that’s there’s nothing there about Batman. Zip.  Nada.  Zero.  Nothing. This is because the Christopher Nolan’s Batman films don’t embody what I want to see in a superhero comic–which is, generally speaking, larger than life characters, […]