REview: Spectre (2015)

I enjoy James Bond movies, though I wouldn’t call myself a ‘superfan’ by any stretch of the imagination–which you could probably tell from me getting around to seeing Spectre only four years after it’s initial release.

And I think I dodged a bullet because while it’s not a terrible movie, it is a bloated one that could have used some judicious cutting, coming in at almost two hours and a half.

And Dave Bautista (Guardians Of The Galaxy, Blade Runner 2049) is wasted, which is a pity when you consider all the interesting villains that have come from the Bond franchise and what’s Bautista’s capable of when given half a chance.

Luckily James Bond is a character that has changes depending upon the actor that depicts him because Daniel Craig’s interpretation is beginning to wear a little thin.

Though that’s not necessary his fault because his version is relatively humorless and no-nonsense, which makes him fine in a movie or two, not so much in three or four.

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