‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Or Why I Wished It Failed

You might have heard that, as a result of the box office performance of “The Amazing Spider-Man”–which earned just over $750 million worldwide, on a budget of $230 million–has warranted a sequel.

And in other news, the sky is blue, and dinosaurs have been gone (except Nessie) for a long, long time.

This is good news if you’re Marc Webb, Sony Pictures, or anyone involved in the production, or even a fan of Spidey.

The news is not so good if you’re expecting to see Spider-Man joining the Avengers in their latest battle, or maybe irritating the Thing from the Fantastic Four because, as long as Spider-Man brings in beaucoup bucks, the odds of Sony releasing the character back to Marvel has worse odds than Michelle Bachmann telling the truth during a debate.

In other words: It ain’t going to happen, though maybe Daredevil can make an appearance…

Another issue is that I imagine that it’s really difficult for Marvel to counter-program against a movie that features one of their own characters because, in an odd way, it’s like shooting themselves in the foot.

Though that’s not to say that Disney cannot do so, perhaps with the sequel to “Tron: Legacy?”

In the name of full disclosure, I have to mention that I didn’t see “The Amazing Spider-Man” in theaters, mainly because I don’t quite understand while the film makers would waste time going over his origin story because I suspect that everyone gets the whole ‘bitten by a radioactive spider thing’ and “with great power comes great responsibility” stuff by this time.

Though if Mysterio (or maybe Electro) is the villain in the new film, I’ll be so willing to eat my words.

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