‘The Lone Ranger’ Teaser Poster

Anyone ever wonder why the The Lone Ranger, was called The Lone Ranger, despite the almost constant presence of Tonto, his American Indian companion?

Yeah, that was always strange to me, too.

I should also admit that I have never been a huge fan of the character, though I do recall watching when I was growing up.  I don’t recall who played the Ranger (Clayton Moore, from 1949-1957 and John Hart, from 1950-1953), but I do remember Jay Silverheels–an actual Mohawk Indian–played Tonto.

The poster, when I first saw it, it looked as if the mask, eyes and titles were superimposed over a tree, which would have made sense being that Tonto is an Indian–and to use a somewhat tired cliche–is all in tune with nature.

On closer inspection, it’s a wall, with sliver or grey paint flaking off.


Then there’s the fact that it appears that Tonto is going to be playing more than the (traditional) supporting role that he has played in the past, which makes sense when you consider that Johnny Depp is playing him.

Depp supposedly has some American Indian blood flowing though his veins, though he’s no Jay Silverheels, nor does he claim to be.

While I wouldn’t call the current production cursed, it has had its share of problems.

First there are the cost overruns, then the recent death of a crew member; though images of Depp walking about with a crow on his head can’t be helping matters.

And let’s not forget 1981’s “Legend Of The Lone Ranger,” which didn’t exactly set the box office alight (though wasn’t nearly as much as box office failure as I had first assumed).


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