Lucasfilm Become Part Of The Disney Family

In case you haven’t yet heard, Disney now owns Lucasfilm, as well as the rights to make future Star Wars and Indiana Jones films.  As I posted elsewhere, how Twentieth-Century Fox let this one go (could this have something to do with Tom Rothman leaving) is almost beyond comprehension, though their loss is Disney’s gain.

This makes me wonder…with Pixar, Marvel and now Lucasfilm under their aegis, is feels to me that Disney could potentially be less successful than their subsidiaries, that is, till you figure that Disney would be getting the profits from Star Wars toys, as well as Star Wars-themed attractions in their parks.

Here’s George Lucas himself, speaking about what motivated him to sell to Disney.

Thanks again, Deadline.

2 thoughts on “Lucasfilm Become Part Of The Disney Family

    1. I actually read later that Indiana Jones is somehow tied up with Paramount (they were the distributor, I believe), though as far as I am concerned Lucasfilm has two crown jewels: Star Wars and Indiana Jones. I don’t know how Disney will do it–perhaps like in the case of “The Avengers,” they may pay Paramount a percentage–but I am pretty confident they will.

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