Is ‘Rise Of The Guardians’ Doing As Badly–From A Financial Standpoint–As Some Say?

Rise Of The Guardians poster 1DreamWorks’ “Rise of the Guardians, according to one analyst, is not only a failure, but requires somewhere in the neighborhood of a $95 million dollar write-off.  Sure, that’s not a John Carter-sized sized screwup, but it’s pretty large.

Though, when you think about it, that doesn’t really make sense, and here’s why:  The budget of “Rise of the Guardians” is $145 million dollars.  So far it has earned $279 million.

Let’s compare it with another movie, Disney’s “Wreck-It Ralph,” which as far as I aware has been better reviewed and considered a success (I also haven’t read anything about it losing money, at any rate).

The interesting thing is that it has production costs of $165 million, and has–so far–earned $311 million, almost double its costs.

Using that doubling of production costs as a reference point, it doesn’t appear to me that ‘Ralph’ isn’t doing any better than ‘Rise.’

So why is it, as I have asked before, that ‘Rise’ is somehow losing millions of dollars, and yet no one has mentioned ‘Wreck-It Ralph’s” financials, and how they probably aren’t quite up to par (especially if “Rise of the Guardians” is losing money)

As I have said before, “Rise of the Guardians” could be doing better, but is it nearly the disaster that it’s being made out to be?

I just don’t see it.

2 thoughts on “Is ‘Rise Of The Guardians’ Doing As Badly–From A Financial Standpoint–As Some Say?

  1. Although the animation was great, Guardians has several simple flaws: Moms don’t want to take their kids to a movie where Santa has tattoos “can I get my arms tattooed like Santa too?”
    Also, teenagers won’t be caught dead seeing a group of superhero bunnies, fairies and other lame kids characters – no matter how “bad-ass” you make them.

    1. Interesting perspective, though I am not quite sure that children’s attention spans are long enough that most parents would be unduly worried. I mean, I work at a school, and have seen kids with drawn-on “tattoos,” though for most it would result in little more than that.

      And as of the teenagers, sure many, particularly males, would have a problem with the subject matter though I suspect that many wouldn’t (after all, I suspect that “Ted” had more than a few teenage viewers–despite its rating–and that had a teddy bear as a central character).

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