Rob Liefeld’s Latest (Gulp!) Movie Project

GodysseyIt’s pretty well established by anyone who has any sense of what good comic book art is like that Rob Liefeld isn’t a very good artist (which is why his success has always mystified me, and goes a long way towards proving that it’s not what you know, but who) despite his success.

Though what mystifies me even more is that there is someone who thinks that his characters would somehow be ideal to base a feature film around.

For awhile all the buzz was about a “Youngblood” movie–based upon another Liefeld comic–about a team of badly proportioned superheroes–which has been in development Hell for years.

Think I’m kidding about the ‘badly proportioned’ crack?  Take a look at the sword-wielding woman above.  Isn’t he waist a little…odd?  Imagine what such a person’s skeleton would look like.

A comic of his that’s more likely to be realized as a feature is “Godyssey,” a concept that if it were in the hands of someone like Alan Moore would be brilliant (mainly because he’s proven that he can actually write about engaging characters in complex, fascinating situations, unlike Liefeld).

Being that it’s not, it probably won’t be, though I hope it’s not as dopey as it sounds.

It involves gods like Zeus and Buddha banding together to fight some greater threat(s).

Did I mention it sounds dopey?

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