‘The Walking Dead’ Has A New Showrunner, And I Don’t Care

The Walking DeadI recently read, via the ever reliable Deadline, that “The Walking Dead” has a new showrunner, someone by the name of Scott Gimple.

I don’t mean to disparage Gimple, after all, he may be an awesome showrunner, but it seems to me that if he does the least thing that runs afoul of AMC brass (like asking for more money for one of the top shows on cable television), then he’s gone.

Why am I so cynical?  Because Frank Darabont was an A-list writer/director, and they were able to remove him from the picture when they felt the need to do so.  Glen Mazzara, while not quite as famous as Darabont, had made a name for himself as a showrunner on other series before ‘Dead.’

And look what they did to him.

And now comes Scott Gimple.

I give him a season, maybe two before he too decides to move on to greener pastures, or is released.

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