Critics of AMC’s Accounting Practices Won’t Stay ‘Dead’

I should have known. I thought Frank Darabont was the only person who had problems with AMC’s accounting practices and that’s obviously not the case. Apparently Robert Kirkman – the creator of The Walking Dead with artist Charlie Adlard – has relaunched his lawsuit against AMC as well, likely spurred on by the $200 million […]

Fear The Walking Dead: Nick’s Escape – Teaser Trailer

A teaser trailer for Fear The Walking Dead, the companion series to AMC’s The Walking Dead, has turned up, and I am a bit concerned in that I have no idea what’s going to differentiate it from the series that spawned it. They appear to be going the route of using the trailers to individually introduce significant characters, […]

AMC Movie News – ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

Yesterday AMC had an interview with Chris Pratt, James Gunn and Kevin Fiege (President of Marvel Studios) about their upcoming movie “Guardians Of The Galaxy.” Here it is in its entirely.  The conversation is interesting, and John Campea, of AMC Movie News, asks some good questions (though there’s a whole lot of fawning going on) […]

‘Wishmaster 3: Beyond The Gates Of Hell’ Review

“I Have Used 500 Words What Could Have Taken Significantly Less:  “Wishmaster 3″ Is A Pretty Mediocre Movie.” Do you recall “Hellraiser: Revelations?” A movie that was little more than a cynical ploy by Dimension to keep the rights to the franchise by issuing a sub-par sequel? I wasn’t aware of this being done before, […]

TV Shows Cancelled Before Their Time?

I recently caught the entire run of “666 Park Avenue” on Netflix recently.  It was a clearly expensive, good-looking and well-designed series, though its portrayal of evil, personified by Terry O’ Quinn, was somewhat bland (due less to O’ Quinn, who can play sinister with the best of them, than the writing, which leaned toward […]

The Lord Of The Dead Rises Again!

With the popularity of “The Walking Dead” and everything zombie-related, it’s great to hear that George Romero, essentially the creator of the modern zombie film, is back in action (if he was ever out) with a new series for Marvel Comics, “Empire Of The Dead.” The details from USA Today are a bit scarce, but […]