‘Community’ Will Be Back, And I Still Won’t Tune In

Community Season 1 Trailer

Though that’s not to imply that I didn’t try.  When there’s so much buzz around a show you think that if you don’t at least check it out, you’re be missing something.

Which is a normal feeling.  I honestly think that a lot of the reason behind the success of HBO’s Game Of Thrones and AMC’s The Walking Dead is less because of the novels or comic books they’re based upon–I am willing to bet that the majority of fans have not read either.  At all–more than they know someone who has enjoyed the show (and who also has little if any knowledge of the source material) and wanted to give it a try.

So I checked out a few episodes and liked it, though I didn’t love it.   The cast was quirky, the situations were bizarre but for my money it was too self-aware of it’s quirkiness, as if it were saying:  “Look at me!  Aren’t I clever?”

Community Season 4 Trailer

Though for what is essentially a niche series–Community was never particularly strong ratings-wise–it has generated a huge amount of goodwill.  It has been on NBC for five seasons (every single one seemingly on the bubble) and what’s most amazing is that it has even lasted that long.

Many series, if they don’t develop an audience by their first season, are gone. And some don’t even get beyond two episodes.

But somehow despite relatively weak ratings, Community has survived perilously, and for awhile there was a lot of doubt that there would be a sixth.  But being that no one involved with this show seems to know the word “die,” an attitude that appeared almost prophetic when talk of either Netflix or Hulu taking on the show began to fill the Interwebs.

Though unfortunately, neither suitor came to the rescue.

Though it appears another white knight, in the form of  Yahoo Screen, has come to the rescue.

I haven’t heard of “Yahoo Screen” to now myself, but since they’re a member of the Yahoo! family, purchasing an entire season of episodes–which costs millions–won’t be an issue.

Though I am still don’t think that I will tune in (though credit where credit’s due, Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) is hilarious).

Community Season 5 Trailer

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