Why is Quicksilver’s Costume So Bad?

Empire Magazine cover - Quicksilver

When Bryan Singer premiered “X-Men,” his movie based upon Marvel’s team of mutant superheroes, in 2000, there was a lot of controversy over the costumes. Instead of following the comics verbatim, they were made of leather (which was more than a little bit inspired by “The Matrix,” which came out a year earlier).

It was controversial at the time, but worked.

Singer appears to be working from the same playbook with  “X-Men: Days Of Future Past,” though less successfully, if the image of Quicksilver (above) is any indicator.

And “less successfully” is being charitable.  I know you cannot always tell how something looks from one picture, but that image looks really, really bad.  I understand why they didn’t go with spandex, but a leather jacket?  For a character who’s ability is manifested by running really, really fast?

I get the feeling that Singer isn’t a runner because if he were, Quicksilver wouldn’t be wearing leather.  It’s not practical, doesn’t breathe and is somewhat heavy.

And why would you have a character that is supposed to be very fast moving, carrying so much literal baggage?  I can’t tell from the pictures if those are his pockets, or some sort of utility belt, but why would he needs so many compartments?

Which is, I think in this instance, maybe a little bit of spandex is called for.

Quicksilver (green costume)The green version of Quicksilver is from the comics (He’s also worn a blue version from time to time as well).  I understand that theres no way on Earth that you could use this costume because it looks really silly and wouldn’t translate well to the screen.  Now his more recent costume, that’s another matter.  It’s pictured below, and a variation of it could have been really, really interesting.

Why am I not wearing this costume?

I haven’t seen Joss Whedon’s version of the character that’s going to appear in “The Avengers: Age of Ultron,” but he certainly can’t look any worse (can he?).

6 thoughts on “Why is Quicksilver’s Costume So Bad?

    1. I didn’t actually comment at the time, but have you seen Thunderbird yet? BooBoo Stewart is actually a decent actor, but is there a reason why they couldn’t hire–I don’t know–an actual young, brawny, American Indian actor?

      There may not be many of them, but I get the feeling that they’re out there.

      Then there’s the fact that Stewart, speaking of brawny, isn’t that big. That could be why, in that picture, there appears to be an effort to make him look a lot bigger than he is.

      1. Oh I know. Sorry I thought we were just discussing Quicksilver. Mind fart.

        I think hollywood ain’t great at ethnic casting. I mean look at Tonto, what the hell was that?!

      2. Good point. I prefer to take the most obvious route for things. If you’re playing a character that’s an American Indian, why not hire one?

        Though I understand Depp’s casting (doesn’t make it a great move), after all, he’s an A-list actor.

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