‘Wishmaster 3: Beyond The Gates Of Hell’ Review

Wishmaster 3

“I Have Used 500 Words What Could Have Taken Significantly Less:  “Wishmaster 3″ Is A Pretty Mediocre Movie.”

Do you recall “Hellraiser: Revelations?” A movie that was little more than a cynical ploy by Dimension to keep the rights to the franchise by issuing a sub-par sequel?

I wasn’t aware of this being done before, till I saw “Wishmaster 3: Beyond The Gates Of Hell” a movie that had absolutely nothing to do with the gates to anywhere, never mind Hell.

Like ‘Revelations,’ the cash spigot, while not yet exhausted, has been reduced to a dribble.  Though that does not quite explain why most of the budget appears to have gone into creating  those improbable types of car crashes that are normally not acceptable outside an episode of “The A-Team.”

Wishmaster 1 and 2, despite being like an unholy union between “A Nightmare On Elm Street” and “Hellraiser” had their charms.

‘Wishmaster 3,” not so much.

The first Wishmaster was directed by Robert Kurtzman, who is renown for his effects work and “The Walking Dead” on AMC.  The second in the series was done by Jack Shoulder, who did “A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddie’s Revenge,” which managed to divide fans of the franchise, as well as “The Hidden,” which is all sorts of awesome.

While “Wishmaster 3:  Beyond The Gates Of Hell” was directed by Chris Angel.

Who’s Chris Angel?  He’s a magician an an illusionist, and while, despite having directed Wishmaster 3 and 4, he’s not a director.

Be Captivated By My Powers!
Be Captivated By My Powers (And If That Doesn’t Work, Check Out The Abs)

He’s also, apparently, not that great an illusionist either.  Here’s Angel walking on water…

And here’s how he did it, as if common sense didn’t tell you that already.

His directing is uneven, and while he can point the camera here and there, he doesn’t seem to know how to generate suspense or drama.  Andrew Divoff, the star of the first two films, is nowhere to be seen this time around, nor are the royalty of horror that populated the prior films, which I suspect had more to do with the budget–or lack thereof–than anything else.

Though what’s really strange is that the Wishmaster makeup itself is better than its ever been, yet it seems that you see the character less than you did in the prior entries.

Another thing is that the story gets even more outlandish–and that’s saying something considering that the movie is about an evil djinn.  There’s an instance when the protagonist is facing the Wishmaster in a church, when she summons the Archangel Gabriel?!

I kid you not.  She actually summons an archangel to fight the djinn.  Now, in the hands of director who happened to be more resourceful or a had a significantly larger budget, this could have been an awesome scene–the idea would have still been dopey, but Damn, it would have looked spectacular!–instead it was remarkably cheesy.

And speaking of which, if you could summon an archangel, why not go all out an bring in God!  Sure, there’s a chance it wouldn’t work but if you could do it with an archangel it stands to reason that God would at least be an option.

Or Godzilla, or Gipsy Danger from “Pacific Rim.”

“Wishmaster 3” is the third film in the series, when you’d expect that the filmmakers would by that time would have fleshed out the universe of the djinn, and expanded it somewhat.

Instead what we get is a rehash of the first two films.  Literally, at this point if you have seen one Wishmaster film, you’ve seen them all, which is sad.

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