‘Transformers: Age Of Extinction’ Trailer

I don’t think that Michael Bay and Zach Snyder are the same people, though the new trailer for “Transformers: Age Of Extinction” plays eerily similar to trailers for Snyder’s “Man Of Steel”– though at least Bay lets you know that everything is going to Hell pretty quickly.

It appears this time around that humanity have outgrown the Autobots (So what they are technology we have no understanding of, and can barely counter.  We can take care of things on our own, Dammit!)

Till we can’t, that is.  Luckily it appears that the Transformers ignored us, and hang around, pulling our collective fat from the fire.

Mark Wahlberg has replaced Shia LaBoeuf, seemingly bringing a sincerity to the proceedings that I fully expect to be squandered.

Though I hope that, before the planet is threatened with destruction, that Wahlberg tells his daughter that she might want to get some longer shorts.  You know, because most fathers wouldn’t let their daughters dress like that.


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