‘Enemy’ and ‘The Double’ Trailers

I don’t usually reserve one parking space for two vehicles in this ‘Trailer Park,’ though when two movies, on a superficial level, cover similar ground, Why not?

Is there something going on, or is it just coincidence that two movies are coming out that involve people who happen to have doubles.

First is Denis Villeneuve‘s “Enemy,” starring Jake Gyllenhaal, where Adam Bell (Gyllenhaal) gets caught up in the life of Anthony St. Claire (Gyllenhaal) who happens to look exactly like him.

There’s also Richard Ayoade‘s “The Double,” which stars Jesse Eisenberg, whom plays Simon.  The problems appear to start when he discovers that he has a double, James, who’s presence is driving him insane.

Ayoade’s film is based upon Fyodor Dostoevsky‘s novella of the same name–which I haven’t read, though I am willing to bet money at some point in both films a double tries to replace the other person.

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