The Lord Of The Dead Rises Again!

image courtesy of Wikipedia
image courtesy of Wikipedia

With the popularity of “The Walking Dead” and everything zombie-related, it’s great to hear that George Romero, essentially the creator of the modern zombie film, is back in action (if he was ever out) with a new series for Marvel Comics, “Empire Of The Dead.”

The details from USA Today are a bit scarce, but it supposedly revolves around intelligent zombies, a theme Romero has touched upon in “Dawn of the Dead,” and “Survival of the Dead.”

There have been “Marvel Zombies” prior to this, which dealt with undead versions of popular characters like Spider-Man, Iron Man and Thor, so I assume that this will revolve around regular people, like Image’s “The Walking Dead,” which is the basis of AMC’s smash series.

Now, all AMC needs to do is to get Romero to direct an episode (or two) of “The Walking Dead” and all will be good with the world.

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