REview: Locke & Key, Season One (2020) | Pretty Good, Tastes Like Chicken

Netflix’s Locke & Key started life as an Amazon series, but when development was abandoned it was picked up by Netflix, who went on to raze what was built prior, and rebuilt from the ground up.

And it’s pretty good, though I haven’t read the graphic novels written by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez though I went into it thinking it was more a horror series–I’ve seen NOS4A2 on AMC and that definitely feels more horror-based–that it actually was.

It had some moments of horror, but more often than not felt like Harry Potter-esque fantasy than horror (though to be fair the core cast members are relatively young, which may have a lot to do with it).

And speaking of young cast members, Jackson Robert Scott (IT, IT, Chapter 2, The Prodigy) for such a young person is a pretty exceptional actor. And I know, he’s acting like a little kid–which is what he is–but I’ve seen way too many movies where children act like little adults (which may sound the same, but isn’t).

It’s still worth watching though I wish that it learned a bit more heavily it into the horror side of the street.

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