A New Writer Enters The Multiverse Of Madness

Yesterday we learned that Sam Raimi was in the running to take over Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness from Scott Derrickson, who left the production due to ‘creative differences (a phrase that’s almost meaningless in that it could refer to virtually anything).’

Today The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Michael Waldron would be working on the upcoming Benedict Cumberbatch starrer.

Waldron is the current show runner of Disney’s Loki.

This is interesting because I had assumed that the Doctor Strange sequel was essentially finished, and that Raimi was to come in and shoot an essentially completed project.

Apparently tha’s not the case, implying that Sam Raimi may, while building on the foundation built by Jade Bartlett–the previous writer–that the movie is being reworked to some degree from what Scott Derrickson was working on.

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