REview: Locke & Key, Season One (2020) | Pretty Good, Tastes Like Chicken

Netflix’s Locke & Key started life as an Amazon series, but when development was abandoned it was picked up by Netflix, who went on to raze what was built prior, and rebuilt from the ground up. And it’s pretty good, though I haven’t read the graphic novels written by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabriel […]

REview: Marianne (2019)

Netflix’s Marianne is a pretty entertaining horror series, which is worth mentioning because there’s plenty of horror out there, and not all of it is worth watching. The series–coming in at a lean eight episodes–revolves around a writer, Emma Larsimon (Victoire Du Bois), who’s drawn by tragedy back to her home town, which begats even […]

‘Stitches’ Review

“Stitches” is worth seeing, but–other than the gore effects–there’s not much going on.” I have never quite understood why people find clowns particularly threatening (though I perfectly understand why mimes, their evil cousins, might makes some uneasy), which isn’t the same as the phobia known as coulrophobia. I mean they’re hardly subtle, and wearing those […]